About Us

We’re a chef-owned, quality-first catering company. Our focus is on freshness, quality and presentation.

Hallmarks of the Sinplicity experience:

· Make everything from scratch. It’s just better when it’s fresh.

· Tell people what it is and what it’s got in it. Our tents, labels and stickers mean that there are no mysteries here. Ingredients and allergens are clearly stated on everything we serve.

· Take extra care with dietary concerns. We know how important it is to take care of your vegan, vegetarian and gluten-sensitive guests. We make sure that those meals are as fresh and memorable as anything else we serve.

· Stick to business. Corporate Catering is just different than Social Catering. By focusing on what we do best, we're able to consistently exceed your expectations.

· Make it prettier than you thought it would be. It seems to taste better that way.

Why the funny name?

Once upon a time there was a tiny little company that made the best ice cream in the history of milk. “Self-indulgence without apology” was the approach and the name Sinplicity was created to proclaim it. Handcrafted. Small batches. Totally from scratch.

One winter, to fill the blustery days of the slow season, we began making sandwiches and baking cookies for the offices surrounding our factory/café. Businesses raved about the food and service and we quickly reached a crossroad.

Fast forward to today and Sinplicity is the best corporate caterer in the Northern Virginia and Washington DC market. Prized for our “From Scratch, Beautifully Presented & Guaranteed On-Time” philosophy, Sinplicity Catering now has a fleet of trucks delivering our fine products around the beltway and beyond. Rapid growth means that the ice creams are just a delicious memory, but the founding spirit remains.

We look forward to sharing the Sinplicity experience with you soon.